Hello everyone! This is Aviva, your friendly engineer from the Tortuga crew! I spend most of my time find out new things to invent and help out with the Wild Kratts crew! And learn about all types of cool animals. Excelente!

In case you're wondering too, yes, I really am like a baby sitter for those silly bratt brothers. *SIGHS*


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For the mun's Personal Journal
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Si? You got a question?

beautifulnightsparkles-deactiva said: Do you have any other cloths Aviva?

Oh I do, like my swim suit, my dress and some other clothes I just am more comfortable in these. Much easier to get around and do work in them.

Anonymous said: kiss

O-Oh dear um…

I guess Ricky Martin is still a big crush of mine. He’s really cute.

*giggles to herself*

Anonymous said: naughty

Well, since I’ve moved out of the house I pretty much had the freedom to do whatever I want.

But I guess one thing I wasn’t allowed to do was play any type of sport while in the house. Another one, I had to clean my room every day or else. Annnnnd I guess the last thing I wasn’t allowed to do was use items to make things without permission.

Heh, I kinda got in trouble one time for using the microwave for an experiment …

Anonymous said: oops

Probably a sure fire something that can prevent any intruders from messing from my things. Aka 

Some kinda Complete-Anti-Zach-Fix would do the trick.

U-Um hey guys, I just want to let you all know I’m still here. Don’t worry, I just got pretty caught up with my work load for the Kratts. I might have some time now though! I’ll just to be careful not to get distracted too much, huh?

How are all of you guys anyway? Doing well?

Since I have a alot of free time now, I did a little fanart







Tiny and also a GIF 


Next one will be Zach~

I love it! However, it makes me sad because someone took my controller!


I miss you, controller.

Don’t worry Jimmy, we’ll help and try to find your controller. And get it back to ya.

living-free-and-in-the-wild replied to your post: yay! you’re back! we missed you! and martin is a blue until earth day! yup…

Hah…thanks, Aviva.


De nada~

Anonymous said: yay! you're back! we missed you! and martin is a blue until earth day! yup...


Ya I have noticed he turned into a bunny. While I admit I do wanna help him get back to his normal human self as soon as possible. I gotta say,  él es lindo!

Martin you are so fluffy and adorable!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around that much. I’ve been busy making some new creature suits for the boys.

Annnnnnd is that Jimmy I spy? Hello there!

Anonymous said: How do you make the creature power discs

Oh well it’s quite simple really. They’re what help provide the information to the creature suits. This is pretty much done by extracting the DNA into to the relevant power disk, usually acquired by just a simple touch. (Pretty cool feature I added, huh?) The disk itself collects all the information about the creature.

Now this disk activates the suit. Usually when this happens a light will spreads over the entire body from the center outward. Occasionally it will go from the touch inward, but you know how things go for Kratts sometimes heh. Also always look out for that paw print during these times of activation. It’s pretty neat!